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Service of translation


You are like a crazy looking for someone who will have the cheapest price and will do his work well and quickly, as well as understand your advertisement in Russian language.


Stop looking for this "someone" and call us. Don´t get mad by using Google translator being convinced that your translation is all right.


We have a professional team of the russian translators who will help you to correct, translate and including create design in Russian.


We are like what is is common to say in Canary Islands: "bueno, bonito, barato" (weel done, cute and cheap).



Translation of the documents, certificates and licences

 from 35 page

Translation of the documents, certificates and licences urgently (24 hours)

from 50 page

Translation of the menus, flyers and catalogues

 from 35 page

Notarial translation , technical documents, medical and leagal documents

from 85 page

Accompaniment to the doctor, lawer, notary, exhibitions, meetings etc. The minimal order is of 3 hours 

45 hour

Consult our prices calling  +34 695 805 494, E-mail:

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