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Логотип журнала    WWW.OTENERIFE.COM


Publichers: Sergey Ilinykh, Elena Dmitrieva

Editorial: (+34) 922 719 684

Advertising:  Maria Korotaeva

(+34) 618 520 177,

Nuria Rodríguez
(+34) 695 805 494,

Edior: Maria Korotaeva

(+34) 618 520 177,

Authors: Sergey Ilinykh, Evgeniy Vivchurko, Tatiana Pulova

Script editor: Irina Abbasova

Photographer: Evgeniy Mironov

Design and Typography:

Design Agency «»,

Real estate:

Andrey Shamin

(+34) 689 000 132,


La Isla Rusa y Publicidad S.L.
C.I.F.: B-76575042
Edition: 5000 copies
Depósito legal: TF 111-2012


The magazine doesn't have any responsability of the information placed in the advertisements.  The authors' opinion may be distinct to the editorial's one.


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